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Silly chickens!

My chickens mostly* haven’t figured out their automatic feeder. In fact they are terrified of the sound it makes when they step on the lever to activate it.

They figured out how to roost in the fruit trees and jump the fence (half of them) but the sound made by activating the feeder — totally terrifying!

There’s a reason the term Chicken is applied to fearful people.

But the goofy alpha in our flock was ready to attack my shoes today. I guess she thought those beads look like seeds of some sort. 😆

*I did see the rooster eating from it, but he quickly stepped back and played innocent on me, like he wasn’t. So he’s probably too clever for his own good. I don’t suppose he’ll show his hens how to work it. Instead they follow me around like I have something amazing for them. When, in reality, I mostly just take the seeds out of their feeder and give it to them in piles on the ground.

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What more could you possibly ask for?

Nasturtiums are beautiful, delicious and healthy. What more could you possibly want?

We stayed at a place on our most recent trip to the UK 🇬🇧 where they had nasturtiums in pots and hanging baskets… All over the place! (And of course I forgot to take any pictures of them.)

I am inspired to plant more of them!!

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Relax into the ride

Up and down the hillsides of the winding country roads

Priceless cargo onboard,
Wildlife all ’round,
As plentiful roadkill attests

Watch out!!
My shoulders tense
My eyes scrunched up
My mind on high alert

Be careful!

Flittering and fluttering,
The birds fly out to meet us
Chattering and chirping,
Joyfully they greet us.

The trees reach down to hug us
The earth rises
To bounce us along our path

Slow down! ..the road reminds me

Slow down!
There is no rush
No hurry, no worry
Nobody on our tail, plenty of time


Suddenly, we’re on a rollercoaster ride
through the glorious countryside
The birds dance along,
singing their gorgeous song

The rolling landscape’s
A lovely painting
Full of life!

Burbling and bubbling, sparkling and shimmering, water rushing over rocks captures my imagination

“That’s you!” It says

That’s me, I realize

when I relax into the ride

I can burble and bubble; I can shimmer and sparkle; I can enjoy this day, this moment, this instant

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Eat your weeds!

I’m not even kidding!!

Is that something I planted?” They were the cutest little baby plants. Then I realized it was Creeping Charlie and was slightly less enamoured. But they inspired me to look up whether Creeping Charlie (aka ground ivy) is edible. (Maybe those cute little baby Creeping Charlies?)

Boy, was I surprised!!

Not only is it edible and delicious, and not only as a baby, it is also medicinal. Apparently it is a heavy metal chelator. Exactly what I’ve been looking for to help mop up the mercury mess I have from dental amalgam fillings.

Turns out the trouble with my health, all along, was that I wasn’t eating my weeds. 😆

This is where I got my creeping Charlie information:

Horsetail and nettles, both naturally high in silica, needed for healthy bones, teeth, skin, hair and nails. My doc told me to get a supplement. Turns out I could just cook and eat some of my weeds!

I’ll be out grazing in my garden, if you need me! 😆

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The truth will set you free

Conform? I don’t think I could if I TRIED! 😆 Look at how i make a flower arrangement!

I felt stupid rehashing it today. Maybe even stupider than I felt the first time I admitted it to the children’s pastor. But it’s true; in fact, it was and is true. I cannot help with a certain age group of kids because I leave feeling so drained that I can’t be present for my own children afterwards.

“What’s wrong with mom?”

It was an observation I made one day after I’d been helping with the kids during church. On the way home, my brain was 100 miles a way. “What’s wrong with mom?”

“I’m sorry kids. I just spent the past hour and a half listening to xxxxx talk my ears off and I cannot listen any more. My brain is full!”

When I processed that I had just invested so much in another person’s child that my kids were getting the short end of the stick, I resolved to address it. Because the proverbial cobbler’s kids need shoes, too!

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful ballerina

My kids are first priority for me, before other peoples’ kids. That’s why they have been placed in my home, my family…

Today I had the opportunity to say “No” again to the possibility of working with that age of kids. It made me feel silly but embracing this truth also makes me feel free.

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

John 8:32

Hooray for the freedom to do only the things you were created to do and say NO to the rest!!

And hooray that I had the wherewithal not to cave in although I wanted to be helpful. Then, getting asked in front of other people (today), I felt the pressure to conform, to step in, to fall in line. But I stood up for what I knew to be true. Hooray! I set an example. (And a new precedent for me, too.) 👏

A little exuberant. Maybe?? 😄
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When gardening becomes self care…

…and self care looks like gardening

Nettles and horsetail, weeds or superfoods?

The more gardening I do, the more and better smoothies I make myself. True story.

The berries peek out at me when I’m pulling weeds. Ripe, sweet and lovely.

Trying to get out to the garden every morning. Totally unsuccessful at this goal, but I am richly rewarded those days when I do manage to garden.

The garden is FULL of yummy berries, just waiting to be discovered. Some of them hiding below the leaves, visible only to the one busy pulling weeds from the ground.

Mulberries!!! I was ready to give up on that tree, remove it entirely, after 10 years of NOTHING. But this year it is Fruit Full!! 😋

Surely there is a spiritual analogy to be made here. Because there are plenty of people around to reap the harvest but less willing to do the hard work of planting, watering and weeding.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send more workers…

Luke 10:2
I don’t even know which weed this is (not the borage and plantain, the stringy looking one). Only that I have a lot of it in my garden, that it tastes good and most plants are edible. So it went in my smoothie!
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The energy of procrastination

Giant hogweed, picturesque but dangerous!

Right now I am harvesting energy. Big time. It’s the energy of procrastination.

I’d never realized it was a thing before…

But I made myself a list of things to do this week. With deadlines. And I’m busily finishing the easy tasks from later in the week, carefully avoiding the things I need to do for this evening and tomorrow.

Fun things. Art things. But I’m avoiding them for some reason.

What’s up with that?

I even made a phone call in Dutch. Now that I have a second one I need to make, I’m procrastinating that, too….

…and now, I made the 2nd call, too. ✔️

But these art projects refuse to budge. True story. I put some more time into Fruit Full (pictured above). However, it’s panicking me.


I made an appointment to sign up for ceramics class next school year!! Pictured– some of the ceramics on display at this year’s art show.
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Dear Spotify

Chock full of fruit! Gooseberries 😋

Dear Spotify,

Please explain to me the point of downloading a playlist onto a device if it is not available offline.



Apparently I have a LOT to learn about technology. Bought a WiFi speaker so I can play music during my yoga classes more effectively, but I guess I should figure out how to work my tech beforehand!!

On another note, I had artwork in a show this weekend, as did two of my kids.
Got my certificates of completion for Dutch class yesterday, too. I especially liked the wording (vrucht = fruit) in light of the latest art project I’m working on, called Fruit Full. (The implication I decided I like is that my Dutch education is fruitful!)
This is NOT my project, but look what I stumbled upon in Canterbury a couple weeks ago! I guess I’m on the same wavelength of some other artists!
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Let me tell you a little something about caterpillars. They look so green and full of life. They come in and gradually devour everything in their path, sucking the life and joy right out of it. Until they are the only thing that looks alive.

Then they move on.

Unless they are squished and removed relentlessly, they will suck the life and joy out of everything, leaving you completely fruitless and desperate.

Don’t let the caterpillars keep killing your life and joy!

Be filled with life, joy and fruit!!
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The love You (YHWH) give…

I woke up with this running through my brain yesterday. It wouldn’t go away until I wrote it down:

The love You (God) give to me blesses everyone!

So I made this little banner artwork thingy.

It’s clearly a reaction to the movie: The Hate U Give, which I recommend to everyone of appropriate age. Spoiler alert: the movie contains the acronym THUGLIFE for “The Hate U Give Little Infants Fs Everyone.” Referring to the way that black children are treated by far too many people. Still.

Not to minimise the message of the movie but it simply cannot stop with that…

The love of God is the only antidote that I know of for hate. When we are filled to overflowing with God’s love, we can’t help but give it away… and if we really are filled with it, we will not treat any of God’s children in any hateful ways.

Maybe you don’t believe in God? You don’t think, even if there is a God, that they love you?

I challenge you…

To read this book, examine your life and see if you cannot identify the love of God there.

I’d love to know how you get on, if you take my challenge!!